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About Airport Transfers Uganda

An Entebbe Airport Taxi Company

Airport Transfers Uganda is an airport taxi company. It is a child company of Outback Adventure Safaris Ltd registered by the Government of Uganda as a travel & transport company. Airport Transfers Uganda has been in existence since 2010.

In the past six years, this company has had steady growth and business relationships with slightly over 18400 travelers, mainly tourists from Europe, Australia, and North America, also clients working with International agencies like UNDP, UNESCO, WHO, IMF, World Bank, EU, UN, FAO, ICC, WFP and many more. It has also had several business relations with clients in the Business World as well as Private travelers.

The company’s impressive performance is conditioned by a highly trained, experienced, and motivated workforce, which gives the company impeccable internal organizational strength. Our key to impressive performance hinges on a focus on client comfort and satisfaction and personnel motivation.

Our vision is to become the Largest Taxi Company in Uganda in terms of client base by 2020.
To satisfy travel and other interests of our clients through innovative and transcendent service provision.

Our Core Values

What shapes us

Client Value Creation – Our customers define us- We know our business flourishes or dies because of our customers. Therefore, we are fully dedicated to meeting our commitments to them. We believe strongly in fostering relationships based on trust and transparency, enabling clients by creating long-term relationships, being responsive and relevant and consistently delivering value. We use our statistical models to monitor traffic incidents, mechanical failures and customer service issues to verify that our customers have a great experience. Whenever we are involved in planning a trip along with the customer, we routinely Suggest cost saving ideas that can be implemented without hurting customer service.

Safety – Safety is always taken seriously. In addition, we use rigorous screening techniques, including vehicle mechanical checks, drug/alcohol screening, criminal background check, personality testing, and medical review. Safety is not limited to the highway; we also utilize extensive safety systems for our maintenance and office environments.

Performance – We strive for continuous improvement, which demands and rewards exemplary results. For us, performance is about: Flawless Execution, Accountability for Results, Financial Responsibility, Clear Expectations, and “Smart” Measurement.

Best People – We are passionate about attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business. We want to challenge our people, and demonstrate a “can-do” attitude that fosters a collaborative and mutually supportive environment. At Airport Transfers Uganda, we value diversity and unique contributions, which in turn fosters a trusting, open and inclusive environment. We will uphold the highest conduct of ethics in all business practices. We will go to great lengths to retrain and encourage our employees to contribute new ideas to make our company the best service provider and offer the most efficient solutions for our customers.

Stewardship – “Stewardship” means fulfilling our obligation to building a better, stronger and more durable company for future generations. We want to protect Airport Transfers Uganda, as well as meet our commitments to stakeholders, develop our people, and help improve communities and the global environment.

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Located in Entebbe

Airport Transfers Uganda

National Housing Flat 10, Queens Road Entebbe, Opposit Entebbe Flight Motel


Tel: +256 (0) 782 453526

Mob: +256 (0) 701 124481 / 701 654 724

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    They trust us

    • Scarlet and Adam
      As we were leaving the city centre, my husband realized that he had left his carry-on at our hotel. The young driver made a quick and courageous decision. He pulled over, turned on the four way flashers and ran IN THE TEEMING RAIN back to the our hotel. The driver deserves a commendation. He set a great example for your company as well as for Uganda!
      Scarlet and Adam
    • Tracy and Family
      Though we had a simply wonderful time in Uganda and at all the events, having your driver Brian take us to the airport Sunday morning was just the icing on the cake. Brian represented everything we've grown to expect when it comes to Ugandan hospitality. He was affable and informative and noted points of interest with a little background info on the route to the airport.
      Tracy and Family
    • Augustus Morera
      I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting Kampala and I must say that your driver did a great job bringing me from the airport. He was very informative about the capital city of Uganda.
      Augustus Morera
    • D. Whitmore
      I have visited Uganda many times and used your airport transfer service many times and never have I had such a pleasant experience. Denis was the most professional driver I've ever ridden with.
      D. Whitmore